Speaking to the hearts of Men!

Why MenTalk?

My name is Ajiboye Hammed and i am passionate about men. I am deeply concerned and passionate about my generation as a whole. I shudder with fear when i consider the prospects for my generation. We seem to be too fixated on the trivialities and averse to discussing  and addressing the real issues that concern us.

The issues are there for us to see and tackle. Bad leadership, falling educational standards, loose morals, watered down, impotent spirituality, decline of marriage and family, and a host of other issues. These issues and more require us to wake up from our inebriating slumber. It behooves us to discuss and proffer solutions to the issues we face in our for the next generation to continue where we stopped.

We must arise and awake from our slumber. we must collectively reject the myth of our generations apathy. Personally, i can do little, together we can do more, a lot more than we ever imagined. MenTalk was conceived when i was in 300 level at Obafemi Awolowo University. It started off as a forum on twitter and gradually assumed a life on its own. Its primary aim is to address issues that affect men but man as a subset of society cannot untangle itself from the apronstrings of society. Which is why societal issues that affect man and society as a whole will be discussed on this forum.

Man is nothing without woman so there is a dedicated section for women as well.

Welcome to MenTalk


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