Speaking to the hearts of Men!

Building Men 1

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By Hammed Ajiboye

Men are built. Built by families, societies and environment. Man is not only a political animal, he is a social animal as well.  He is birthed, grows up, interacts and lives in a society of men.  Nature abhors a vacuum.  Humans also abhor vacuum. We want to interact with those who love and cherish us.

I do not want to come across as a sexist or chauvinist but I believe men are the building blocks of societies. Man was created first before the woman and some deserves a special place in the grand scheme of things.  If anything happens to the man, societies and indeed our entire species will go extinct in the blink of an eye.

The preservation of man is vital to the survival and perpetuation of our species. Now,  before the entire army of feminists label me a misogynist, let me posit again loud and clear that Man is a necessary ingredient for the perpetuation of our species.

I emphasize perpetuation of our species because I have seen the handwriting on the wall. Men, I mean real men are on the brink of extinction. By real men, I mean men who are in tune with their identity. Men who know who they are,  men who are on a journey of  self discovery, men who give themselves over to be mentored by sages, men who are comfortable with their sexuality.  Not the  ridiculous trouser sagging, BBA watching, 6pack rippling,  BBM pinging variety.  I mean real men.

But real men aren’t born, they are made.  How?

To be continued…..


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