Speaking to the hearts of Men!


Where are our Fathers? What happened to them

Hammed Roman Ajiboye


Fatherhood is very important, it gives children a sense of identity, purpose and destiny. Not too long ago, we had fathers who told us folktales under the full moon. They had no degrees but they were versed in life science. They taught and handed down lessons in morality. They passed down practical wisdom to us. They were there for us, we’d come back from school and wait eagerly for dad to come back. Therw presence alone assured us that all was well.

Growing up as a kid, i remember my father going through my school books even though his own education was limited. I remember with fondness my dad struggling to come to grips with the Nintendo pad,his dexterity at playing cards, whot and ludo. I still see him in the kitchen making yam balls or egg rice.

Men of my fathers generation grew up without the emotional baggage we grew up with. They weren’t confused by all the ridiculous humanist philosophies that bamboozle us today, their sexuality didn’t give them cause for headache and they had positive role models to look up to.

The rise of humanist philosophies, feminism and two income families have sounded the death knell on fatherhood as we know it. Men today face issues that no other generation before has faced. We do not know where to look for answers, the church wont and isn’t willing to look at the wounds we bear. And there are little or no positive male role models to look up to.

This cannot go on. We must act. Fathers are an integral part of strong families, strong families constitute enduring societies and civilizations. The emotional,spiritual and psychological needs of today’s men must be met, men’s issues need to be urgently addressed otherwise the boat we are in is steadily sinking into oblivion.


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