Speaking to the hearts of Men!

Why MenTalk?

I was once asked why mentalk? i couldn’t give a straight answer to the question. But as i ruminated over it, the answers became clear to me.  we live in a patriarchal society where the various issues of men are glossed over because we think men aren’t supposed to do certain things. we aren’t supposed to show emotions  or acknowledge that we have issues.

So we put on masks that cover our issues. We become mindless robots because we tend to act in ways that society expects and we cant deviate from the mold.

Growing up, we were told, Men don’t cry. So we become metallic in our dealings and we bottle up our feelings which eventually corrode our personalities and psyche. Contrary to popular, false social expectations, men have so many issues that assail them.

MenTalk was created to address the issues that assail our manhood. It started off as a Twitter forum where a few worthy men spoke to the hearts of men and the women who love them.

So,Why the fixation on men? Am i a sexist or a male chauvinist pig? Not by any stretch of the imagination. I conceptualized and created MenTalk because i believe in the sanctity of marriage and family. i believe that when society has an abundance of strong men who are comfortable with themselves and are shorn of society’s ridiculous  expectations of what being a man is, society and civilization will get better. Despite the glut and rise of humanist movements and philosophies, the family still remains the oldest living social institution on earth. It needs to be protected from the onslaught of our postmodern world. Men play a vital role in keeping the twin institutions of marriage and family alive.

This blog will address the issues and proffer lasting solutions to the issues that men face.

Welcome to MenTalk the Blog


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